Saturday, February 9, 2013

Did you say you wanted a pet?

First of all find out how long is their average lifespan?
Think about how you will be able to accommodate them in your life.
Whether you can bring this pet along with you wherever you go or even if you leave the country.
You know this pet will be closely attached to you once you keep it.
If you feed it, shelter it, play with it and love it some kind of bond develops.
Leaving them behind after months or years of care is not an option.
If you still decide to get one, go adopt one.
The moment you buy one you encourage someone else to smuggle them, breed them or trade them for profit.
These pets will be carted from one country to another, one town to another, one enclosed cage to another until they find a home with a buyer. If not, they sometimes waste away and die a miserable death in their own feces in the same cage they were brought in.
Still, you want one.
Great, go ahead and adopt one or pick one from the street.
It's all fun and games to have pets to keep you company and make you laugh at their silly antics but remember, they grow old too.
Some pets reach 20 human years and some less.
They may fall sick. Loose their teeth. Succumb to diseases. Get bedridden and are unable to carry on basic functions.
Will you still want to clean up their vomit and poop everyday?
Will you still want to embrace them even if they begin to smell really bad?
Will you set money aside for their expanses at the vet?
Will you come home and be with them as part of your daily routine?
Even if you go broke, get a divorce, get entangled with upsetting emotional and psychological politics you will still have to care for your pets as though they are your children.
In fact, they are your children. Just not human ones.
You may think you're doing the animals a favor when you rescue them.
But is your decision based on compassion or a noble thought that you are doing something great?
After weighing all these responsibilities and you still feel that you can go ahead and love them anyway, then go spread your love.
Ultimately, it's not about you, it's about them.

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