Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If You Live

If you live
how they want you to
you will be angry at everything
that don't go your way.
You will hate yourself
when you see the reflection
on the mirror
but you don't know why.
You will go ahead and do things
that you don't enjoy
and make a mess of your life.
You think you are happy
because you are successful
in their eyes
but you know
deep inside you're not
when you cry alone.
You might even go so far
as to repeat the mistakes
they have made
and justify them
with your ignorance.
But there will be days and nights
when you awaken to the sound
of sincerity and truth
and they won't go away
no matter how much you try
to shake them off.
You will choose all the paths
that go against your believe.
You will connect with people
who share similar problems.
If you don't go down to their level
you may find yourself in the darkness
that feeds on your aspirations.
Your dreams die slowly.
You don't want to go on trying.
You give up.
You know it can only get worse
when you see all those around you
wallow in their own pools of disgust.
You thought listening to others
was how life should be.
Just when you are about to call it in
you see some strange loners
creating their own paths.
Those who have been branded
and targeted for damnation
just because they don't follow
what the others tell them to.
You agree with the others
but you feel that little spark in you
that wants to taste it for yourself.
To do what you've always known
to be your secret destiny.
You wonder for a moment
how it could be
if only
you had the courage
to take the first step
away from everyone else.
Now, you are at a crossroad
deciding if you want to be
who you've always been
or who
they've always wanted you to be.

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