Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You're nothing but an Onomatopoeic

waking up stupid
waking up with a duh
and an ehh

bring it on dummy
bring it like an uhh
and a meh

ain't gonna get any better
ain't gonna get any supper
with all the bah

the heart won't stop
the heart won't listen
even if you blah

run along you moron
run along in slow motion
and trip on a boo hoo

lost in a locked room
lost in a grid system
and all you know is goo goo

if time doesn't exist
if time is in a bottle
that you drank and burp

there goes the neighborhood
there goes the tumbling down
to your careless slurp

down the rabbit hole
down the hobbit home
excuse yourself and go uh huh

up in the air it shoots
up in the empty room
echoing to the sound of emm hmm

now you sleep an idiot
now you sleep away in silence
yes you, dingbat, psst, psst

what's the point nincompoop
what's the area code lamebrain
yes you, the imbecile, tsk tsk

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