Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Dream of Rainbows

This is what I dreamt of just before I woke up in the morning.
Not one, not two but a whole lot of rainbows in the sky just in front of my home.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Boy Who Wrote Anyway

A tribute to all the writers, artists, adventurers, dancers, performers, believers and everyone else who did what they loved against all odds.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dialoguing with Existentialism

I wrote this little piece a while back because of the ridiculousness of gender stereotyping and how people actually believe it to be true. So here's stretching it to the limits.

What I Learned Today: Outside Art - Souzou

‘Outsider Art’ has since become an internationally recognised term, commonly used to describe work made by artists who have received little or no tuition but produce work for the sake of creation alone, without an audience in mind, and who are perceived to inhabit the margins of mainstream society.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Old Tyrants Must Go

Old tyrants must go,
Go where? I don't know.
It's time you know
that this is not your show

Old tyrants must go,
To places where you sow
your unrealized sorrow
in the fields or meadow,
you should have gone many moons ago.

Old tyrants must go,
where you want to go
you can't stoop too low
cause your knees will go
just like powdered snow.

Old tyrants must go,
Why do you still crow
like a caged bird in woe?
You're not Edgar Allan Poe
Your stories really blow.

Old tyrants must go,
We don't like your dog and pony show
that makes you look like a yo-yo
in that one man circus show
we already know you're no better than a ho.

Old tyrants must go,
Heaven or hell, you should know,
cause you spent your life with the flow
heading for that plateau
a long long time ago.

Old tyrants must go,
Say goodbye, greet hello
not to Dolly but to so and so
who might nurse your status quo
better the devil you know.

Old tyrants must go,
Here today, gone tomorrow
easy come, easy go,
So just hoe your own row
and let the people go.

Old tyrants must go,
you can't get your ducks in a row
and you can't steal the show,
take a bow, just lay low
you're not that gung ho anymore.

Old tyrants must go,
to the great trees where seedlings grow,
you can drink your Bordeaux
you can watch Curly, Larry and Moe.
No need to fear your own shadow.

Old tyrants must go,
be free for once, no need to row
like the madman going to and fro.
those old ideas you need to forgo,
before they throw you out with a UFO.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

how can we?

how can we come to an age of understanding
and yet we understand so little?

how can we already reached the stars
and yet we cannot reach one another?

how can we preach so much about love
and yet we find it hard to love ourselves?

how can we observe the brilliance of mother nature
and yet we deny her from flourishing with us?

how can we feel the hunger for all kinds of needs
and yet we feel nothing for a man who hasn't eaten for a while?

how can we party like there's no tomorrow
and yet we live like we as though we'll grow older than the universe?

how can we celebrate a union between two persons
and yet ignore those we need to be reunited with most?

how can we talk about things that set us free
and yet we go back to the same old routines that hold us back?

how can we claim victory for successes and conquests
and yet we cannot even overcome our own demons?

how can we go on living like masters of the world
and yet we know that we are nothing but slaves to our illusions?

Story of Us

Today I posted my story on Avaaz. You can read it at the link below if you like.

We are all connected by strings of similarity, ropes of integrity, vines of vulnerability and cords of sincerity.