Thursday, April 4, 2013

how can we?

how can we come to an age of understanding
and yet we understand so little?

how can we already reached the stars
and yet we cannot reach one another?

how can we preach so much about love
and yet we find it hard to love ourselves?

how can we observe the brilliance of mother nature
and yet we deny her from flourishing with us?

how can we feel the hunger for all kinds of needs
and yet we feel nothing for a man who hasn't eaten for a while?

how can we party like there's no tomorrow
and yet we live like we as though we'll grow older than the universe?

how can we celebrate a union between two persons
and yet ignore those we need to be reunited with most?

how can we talk about things that set us free
and yet we go back to the same old routines that hold us back?

how can we claim victory for successes and conquests
and yet we cannot even overcome our own demons?

how can we go on living like masters of the world
and yet we know that we are nothing but slaves to our illusions?

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